Why I would never have facebook account

Rant: Why I would never have facebook account

no-fb First of all – this is my opinion, it’s emotional, biased, personal and has nothing to do with you. If you are offended by my opinion – you are not required to read, agree with it or argue with me.

“If you are not paying for the service – you are the product” you just have to be mature and think for yourself to recognize the validity of this statement for the most of the “free service” providers on the Internet. And while I can live with “being a product” as advertisement consumer/target I can not find a reason to want something to do with the company that starts from asking me A LOT of personal information before providing me with the service I don’t have any urgent need for. And demanding scan from my photo ID to give me access to this service to match my information with my look.
I understand that there is no privacy on the Internet and anybody with proper knowledge and amount of time can find out a lot but does not mean that I will willingly share all my private information with any business that will demand it from me in exchange for its services of questionable value and without any promise to keep my information private. And argument “But this is public information” is very wrong – if it’s so public – please go out and find it without asking me for it.

Another reason is that I have not reached the proper level of “online exhibitionism” yet to be in any need of the facebook (spellchecker insists on capitalizing it but I refuse – nothing there worth capitalizing) services to advertise my day to day activities to the world. Call me old school, obsolete, paranoid but that’s the way I like it.
For the same reason I’ve pretty much dropped out of g+ – once I’ve got a feeling that it’s demanding more and more information about me I’m just not very comfortable to share with the world.
The reason “But everybody use it” is dead on me – why would I want to do what everybody does? Never felt like I’d have to make an effort to join the ranks of “everybody”.
Reason “But how would you socialize then?” is just laughable – I don’t think that with growing popularity of facebook all other means of socialization lost their value – in person, by phone, by e-mail is still acceptable and preferable by most of the people.

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