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Register any browser as Windows7 default (including portable)

As the matter of choice I’m using only portable versions of non-MS browsers – Chromium portable, FireFox Portable, [email protected]

Everything was nice and dandy while I was using WinXP. Not so easy with Windows7 – let me explain how you can control list of default browsers with simple registry files.
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Accessing Vmware guest OS behind NAT from another computer

Sometimes you have to do things that make sense only to you. And by no way approved by the software manufacturer.
I needed to get access to Vmware Guest OS, behind Vmware NAT interface from another computer.

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.htaccess anti-RFI mod_rewrite rules

RFI – Remote File Inclusion (or “nesting” – though last term is not so widely used, and it’s not the same as XSS I beleive) is very serious security threat – especially in webhosting environment where there is no time and manpower available to audit and vet all customers PHP scripts. Let’s see if there are other ways to reduce the threat

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Disable Chrome default browser

no-chrome As it turned out Google Chrome is quite hard to get rid of when it set to be default browser – even Google help page doesn’t give 100% reliable instruction on how to disable this behavior. There is a quick and efficient way to do so
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Macbook Pro 2010 (A1278,MC374LL/274LL) RAM upgrade

mbproA week ago we’ve bought [amazon_link id=”B003GSLU3E” target=”_blank” ]MacBook Pro MC374LL/A 13.3″[/amazon_link] for my wife. I had 4Gb SO-DIMM lying around – leftover from my unsuccessfull attempt to stuff HP Mini 311 with 5GB ram, so I decided to bump Macbook RAM to 6Gb.

As it turned out this is not your regular Macbook Pro – “just press the tab on the bottom to unlock battery cover…”

Since I couldn’t find any instructions on the web I decided to try it myself and put together short instruction.
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