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Sysadmin: How to protect WordPress against “POST /wp-login.php” attacks

Wordpress attackDuring last few weeks I’ve witnessed repeated semi-successful attacks against WordPress sites. This attack is easy to recognize – server response is extremely slow and if you take a look at apache ‘server-status’ page you will see multiple ‘POST /wp-login.php’ requests from different IPs.
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sysadmin: Brute Force Detection – first line of defense

Most of the hosting servers nowadays are plagued by brute force attacks – too many computers running some or other botnet, too many “no brainer” scan tools are available for the interested.
There are always somebody who doesn’t bother to select good password to secure his account on the server and that could potentially bring a lot of problems not only to him but to the whole hosting company as well – imagine brute-forced password used for SMTP AUTH to send massive amounts of SPAM from the compromised server?
Now there is lot of countermeasures invented for that and here I will explain which one I prefer and why.
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