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Prepaid mobile data in Greece: 3Gb for 15euro

windgr Prepaid mobile data plan in Greece from Wind is definitely worth to consider if you are travelling there and need to be online while on the move.
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Prepaid mobile data in France : 1 month for 9 Eur

orangefrActually 9 Eur is the cost of monthly Internet Max package, the total with the SIM card will cost you somewhere around 25Eur.
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Prepaid mobile data in Belarus : 3Gb for 13 USD

While travelling through Belarus we purchased MTS.BY tourist prepaid package (all other packages require registration). The SIM card package available from the most newsstands and mobile service stores.
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Prepaid mobile data in Austria : 5Gb for 20Euro from A1

a1netPrepaid mobile data in Austria offer by A1 5gb of data on prepaid 3G SIM ( introductory package) for only 19.99 Eur. Should be enough for couple of weeks visit with moderate usage.
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Prepaid mobile data in Croatia: 500Mb for 4 USD

tmobhrRight now T-mobile Croatia has very attractive offer for GPRS/3G – if you have your own 3G modem it will cost you only $4 for 500MB.
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