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Sysadmin: Virtualmin and Letsencrypt integration

If you are using webmin excellent system for managing virtual host configuration it would make perfect sense to integrate with it the popular certificate authority Letsencrypt that issues completely free SSL certificates.
There are few initial steps that has to be made nside Webmin in order to make it utilize Letsencrypt SSL certificate issuing process for configured virtual hosts. I have successufully configured and used Webmin version 1.831 and certbot-auto 0.12. YMMV.
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Sysadmin : remove all virtualmin domains in one shot

virtualminIf you need to clean up the hosting server and clean install is not an option and you know that all domains on servers were created with virtualmin you can remove all virtualmin domains in one shot using command line API:
virtualmin list-domains --name-only | xargs -n1  virtualmin delete-domain --domain
Wait a while and you are done. There are tons of useful options for command line virtualmin that you might want to explore if you are using virtualmin for your hosting domain management.

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Apache2, PHP, SuEXEC configuration on CentOS

There are plenty of tutorials on the web. Tons and tons.

However when I had to create working configuration and put together Virtualmin template most of these instruction just didn’t work properly. After some time I’ve came up with my own working configuration and proper Virtualmin apache template for CentOS.

As a bonus we’ll have per-user php.ini and apache2 worker MPM which is a little bit faster and less resource hungry then traditional prefork MPM.
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