Prepaid mobile data in Austria

Prepaid mobile data in Austria : 5Gb for 20Euro from A1

a1netPrepaid mobile data in Austria offer by A1 5gb of data on prepaid 3G SIM ( introductory package) for only 19.99 Eur. Should be enough for couple of weeks visit with moderate usage.

Before they’ve had 20Gb promotion for the same price but looks like there are enough people hooked already especially after 3G iPads popularity burst.
There was no problem buying the right package in A1 store in downtown Vienna (in fact we did it 10 minutes before store was closing). The SIM is valid for 12 month and you can top it up online with the price 10EUR for 500mb (beware – valid for 30 days only). 3G/HSPA coverage is pretty good if you don’t plan to go into some really rural parts of the country.
We had a chance to use it for a brief time next year while taking a train fro Munich to Verona while going through Austria for what were left on it.
There are some international roaming options on it now. Price looks quite unreasonable but if you might want to consider it in Italy if you absolutely need mobile data.

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