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iomega StorCenter 150d NAS: NFS hack improvement

This is repost from iomega forums – approved by iomega somehow.
I had the same problem as many – I have to upgrade customer hard drive and for that I’ve planned to shift his 1.2TB of content to the nas and to have him run from there to minimize downtime while I’ll resize his LVM partition.
All I have for that is iomega StorCener Pro 150d NAS
As many others I’ve discovered that iomega nas exports nfs filesystems with absolutely usless options

– I’m not planning to create appropriate users/groups on the nas itself – it’s going to be colossal waste of time and most likely wouldn’t help me with my problem anyway.
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CentOS apache conf.d dark mystery: why some virtual hosts are more equal then others

I’ve got a complain the other day: for some reason some virtualhosts on dedicated server was not working properly with suExec PHP as configured.
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Using lsof to find trojan processes on Linux.

In my previous post I was telling about checking for programs using network on Linux using lsof tool.
Here I have “live” example of such backdoor found on one of our servers.
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Apache2, PHP, SuEXEC configuration on CentOS

There are plenty of tutorials on the web. Tons and tons.

However when I had to create working configuration and put together Virtualmin template most of these instruction just didn’t work properly. After some time I’ve came up with my own working configuration and proper Virtualmin apache template for CentOS.

As a bonus we’ll have per-user php.ini and apache2 worker MPM which is a little bit faster and less resource hungry then traditional prefork MPM.
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