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Sysadmin: how to configure nginx for Jelix PHP framework

nginxjelix I had to migrate to nginx web server some web application written using Jelix PHP framework and I’ve hard a problem with Jelix URLs that look like Originally Jelix requires “Options +MultiViews” and “AcceptPathInfo on” in Apache config, neither of which are available on nginx. It took a while to find proper solution.
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Rant: Why I would never have facebook account

no-fb First of all – this is my opinion, it’s emotional, biased, personal and has nothing to do with you. If you are offended by my opinion – you are not required to read, agree with it or argue with me.
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Centos: How to fix cPanel update insufficient disk space

cpsizeerror There are certain situations when you can encounter such cPanel update error message.
In order to update cPanel has to download new files and packages to replace outdated. For this it requires about 1.8Gb of free space on /usr partition. What can you do to fix the problem if you get this error message ?
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Centos: cPanel update demands to upgrade MySQL

cpblocked-btn I’ve hit cpanel update “blocker” the other day going from version 11.38 to 11.40.

cPanel update demands to upgrade MySQL and would not take no for an answer – why?
MySQL version 5.1 hits end-of-life on December 2013 and even though Red Hat mysql 5.0 is different from vanilla version and has to be supported until the end of Centos 5 support, cPanel wants to cover all bases and we really don’t have a choice in the situation.
Now, what we should to to continue?
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Centos: how to install cpanel

cpanel “Extremely friendly…widely used …de-facto industry standard” cPanel all this and more. And I dislike it as much as it popular (I’ll talk about it later).
What surprised me that web site does not contain the link to the installation instruction on it’s front page which should be only logical.
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