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Centos5: OCFS2 cluster FS on dual primary DRBD: part 1 – prepare LVM on RAID1

A while ago I promised to you ( and myself) to publish the instruction on how to setup OCFS2 cluster fs for 2 nodes over DRBD dual primary configuration. Now it’s time.
I am going to split it over multiple posts to cover as many details as possible.
This is part 1 – laying the foundation – LVM over RAID1 setup.
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How to revert Mac OSX Leopard to “Welcome” screen: quick recap

Mac-OS-X-welcome-screen-animationSometimes you just need to “start from the the clean slate”. Or pass your old trusted Macbook to your little brother, or even sell it. But you are really not in the mood for reinstalling the OS and don’t even remember where are these OSX DVDs that came with the Macbook about couple of lifetimes ago.
There is a way to reset OSX back to “Welcome” screen wiping out your user account and everything that was in it (not sure about installed application – I think only your personal preferences will go).
The majority information is taken from here – I just summarized it so somebody else or I can find it again when needed.
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Mysql weekly/monthly backup: reliability in simplicity

mysqlI’ve been asked many times to put together mysql database backup with weekly/monthly rotation.
I’m pretty sure there are plenty of such scripts out there on the web.
I am going to add mine so that somebody can compare and choose.
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Linux: booted into GRUB shell – now what?

grub_shellYou’ve decided to reboot your Linux Desktop (or remote server) and instead of getting to running system you were greeted by something like this

Why did it happen and where to go from here?
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Apache, PHP, SuEXEC: lessons learned

I’ve been running PHP in fastcgi mode with suExec for some time on about 50+ servers with different workload and various content. There are some tips and tricks that can improve the performance and increase the stability of such configuration.
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