Monthly Archives: October 2013

Wordpress: how to trim your wp_options table

In my line of work I am exposed to various Wordpress installations – different plug-in sets, different themes, various amount of content – so, I have my fair share of troubleshooting Wordpress performance issues related to almost anything.
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Centos: How to configure DKIM for sendmail on multiple domains

dkim I wanted to configure DKIM for sendmail on multiple domains for one of the dedicated servers and found out that there are no usable instructions for CentOS and few that are available are inconclusive (I will provide the list of information sources at the end of this post). Here is my tested working setup:
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Sysadmin: Why CentOS?

centos_icon Why CentOS as our main server farm Linux distribution? I really want this article to be pure technical, but there are some emotions attached to the question so please forgive me if I might break into rant somewhere down the road.

There were so many times when I was asked by young men with bright eyes and too much free time on their hands “Why do you use Centos for your server farm? Why not (debian,ubuntu, gentoo, insert your favorite distribution here)?” And I am so tired of explaining this decision over and over so I decided to put it together in this article and get it over with once and for all.
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Prepaid mobile data in Greece: 3Gb for 15euro

windgr Prepaid mobile data plan in Greece from Wind is definitely worth to consider if you are travelling there and need to be online while on the move.
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