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Prepaid mobile data in Croatia: 500Mb for 4 USD

tmobhrRight now T-mobile Croatia has very attractive offer for GPRS/3G – if you have your own 3G modem it will cost you only $4 for 500MB.
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X-Robots-Tag in headers – fine grained crawlers control in apache

xrobotsI was asked to implement X-Robots-tag on one of our dedicated servers the other day.
This google document explains in the great details what it does and how it influences your site presentation on the search engine.
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Django on cpanel server for shared web hosting

django congrats on successful install

django congrats on successful install

I had a customer request to install Django on cpanel server shared account the other day – took me some time to get it going, mostly because of easyapache not willing to play nice.
Other then that, Jimmy’s blog entry here provides excellent instructions on how to configure it, the only difference being that his cpanel server already had mod_fcgid installed.
So, what I’ll do is just quick recap:
Things to do as root

  1. Make sure your apache had mod_fcgid compiled, if not – run easyapache script from SSH or from WHM web page and make sure mod_fcgid option checked
  2. Install easy_install script –
  3. Use easy_install to install a couple Python packages –
  4. Restart apache, make sure mod_fcgid is loaded

This is it – you can notify customer that he can do his django magic – all prerequisites are in place.