Centos: cPanel update demands to upgrade MySQL

cpblocked-btn I’ve hit cpanel update “blocker” the other day going from version 11.38 to 11.40.

cPanel update demands to upgrade MySQL and would not take no for an answer – why?
MySQL version 5.1 hits end-of-life on December 2013 and even though Red Hat mysql 5.0 is different from vanilla version and has to be supported until the end of Centos 5 support, cPanel wants to cover all bases and we really don’t have a choice in the situation.
Now, what we should to to continue?

The answer lays in the problem description – if you click on details link you will see following popup frame:

Now, when you click MySQL upgrade link you will be directed to “Software->MySQL Upgrade” WHM menu.

You will be present with choice of 3 MySQL versions – yours 5.0 which is no good anymore, 5.1 and 5.5. Since 5.1 support is about to end it will make more sense to skip it and do the upgrade right to the MySQL version 5.5.

It would be wise to take a time to do full database backup. After that you can continue with the WHM wizard to upgrade MySQL which will involve 1 more interactive step and then automatic package installation, database conversion and rebuilding PHP with the latest MySQL libs.
Word of caution – make sure that your current MySQL config file /etc/my.cnf is compatible with MySQL 5.5 version and you have /var/run/mysqld directory that belong to mysql user and group.
Here is my minimal my.cnf that could be safely used for MySQL ver 5.5 and further adjusted for your needs.

After making sure that all steps of MySQL upgrade were complete you can click details links again and then use updates link to re-run cPanel update. This time it should complete successfully.

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