Prepaid mobile data in Belarus : 3Gb for 13 USD

While travelling through Belarus we purchased MTS.BY tourist prepaid package (all other packages require registration). The SIM card package available from the most newsstands and mobile service stores.

While we weren’t interested in voice service (however international voice call to Ukraine was also reasonably priced) mobile broadband data option was critical. For the guest package they are offering quite affordable data option (3Gb for 45 000 Belarus rubles which is approximately $11).
Although we could not activate it – Customer support phone line offered only recorded dialogs and no way to reach live person and USSD menu just said “this option is not available” while we had enough credit on the account.
What we ended up doing was to turn on service (4 000 rubles daily fee = $0.9 + 1 ruble per 1 Mb = $0.0001. You will need to manually configure “” as your default APN.)
Most major cities have good 3G/HSPA coverage, EDGE/GPRS in more rural areas.
So far it’s the most affordable prepaid mobile broadband package we tried.

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